Sam Scinta, President and CEO

IM Education is led by the President and CEO, Mr. Sam Scinta, who works directly with school administration and initial communication with teachers to ensure the organizational approach aligns with the school mission and daytime learning activities.

The President, under the direction of the Board of Directors, oversees fiscal, human resources, and programmatic outcomes. In addition, the President seeks continued funding to leverage and grow the organization, ensures quality assurance and evaluation throughout programs, and works with community and education partners to bring additional resources to school communities.

Mr. Scinta, received his Bachelor of Arts in Political Science from Yale University and his Juris Doctor (JD) degree from the University of Denver. Mr. Scinta was the Editor-in-Chief of the Transportation Law Journal and worked as a public finance attorney where he assisted with dozens of projects across the West. Mr. Scinta has over twenty years experience working in publishing, and served as Vice President and Associate Publisher at Fulcrum Publishing, before being named Publisher in 2006. Mr. Scinta is also an Associate Lecturer in the Political Science Department at the University of Wisconsin-La Crosse, focusing on political theory, civil discourse, and American government. He has worked extensively with nonprofits, both as an attorney where he helped establish bond financing for some of Colorado’s first charter schools and through membership on a variety of boards, including the Wisconsin Historical Society’s Board of Curators. A frequent speaker on civics and critical thinking, he produced a series of lectures on privilege for the La Crosse Synod of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America in 2015-2016, and recently was named Chair of the La Crosse Chapter of Leader Ethics Wisconsin, a new non-profit dedicated to promoting integrity in American democracy.

Terri Karsten, Writing Coach

I taught high school English for 21 years in the Cochrane-Fountain City (WI) school district, and worked as a K-12 Curriculum director for 6 years. I’m also a freelance writer. I write many different things including novels, articles, short stories, and a blog. You can find more about me at The thing that excites most about REACCT is the opportunity to work one on one with young writers. I think this sort of individualized, focused interaction is the best way to learn writing. Writing is my passion, and I love helping other people improve their own writing. Since I do so much writing, and work with other writers in critique groups and at conferences, I get and give a lot of writing advice. Probably the most important bit of advice is to just write it. It doesn’t have to be perfect. You can (and should) always go back and fix it, but it’s hard to fix a blank page.

Debbie Hansen, Writing Coach

My background is in the field of speech language pathology. I’ve worked to provide speech and language services to children and adults in school and medical settings. The overall goal of speech therapy is helping others to communicate successfully, which aligns with the REACCT program.  I am excited to help students hone their writing and critical thinking skills! I think these skills are much-needed (but often overlooked) skills in our society. It’s so rewarding to see students develop confidence and independence in their ability to express themselves. The best advice I’ve received is to just start writing and let the ideas flow; you can always go back and edit and tweak later.