In today’s episode, Rick and Sam discuss youth engagement and leadership with guest Crista Valentino. They touch on youth engagement, and how youth are making a difference in conservation and the world today. Sam and Rick bring the discussion full circle by connecting youth engagement and empowerment to American civic virtue. 

A big thank you to guest Crista Valentino! Crista founded CoalitionWILD in 2013 based on the recognition that youth leadership in conservation is an untapped potential for positive change. She continues to be an international spokesperson and advocate for the integration and support of youth in leadership and decision making about the planet. With a decade of experience navigating collaborations with global environmental leaders and fostering grassroots community action, Crista’s work bridges the gap found between generations, cultures, and tactics to bring about sustained change for the future.

Sam Scinta is President and Founder of IM Education, a non-profit, and Lecturer in Political Science at University of Wisconsin-La Crosse and Viterbo University.

Rick Kyte is Endowed Professor and Director of the DB Reinhart Institute for Ethics in Leadership at Viterbo University. 

Music compliments of Bobby Bridger- “Rendezvous” from A Ballad of the West