In today’s episode, Rick and Sam are joined by Kathleen Culver, associate professor in the UW-Madison School of Journalism & Mass Communication and director of the Center for Journalism Ethics. Kathleen shares her perspectives on the role of journalism in society, first examining the ethical challenges for journalists, particularly for young journalists. From there, the discussion broadens to include how to use media responsibly to be informed and engaged citizens, social media’s influence on journalism, and the future of journalism (hint: there is reason for optimism). 

Kathleen Culver is the James E. Burgess Chair in Journalism Ethics, an associate professor in the University of Wisconsin-Madison School of Journalism & Mass Communication and director of the Center for Journalism Ethics.

Long interested in the implications of digital media on journalism and public communication, Culver focuses on the ethical dimensions of social tools, technological advances and networked information. She also serves as visiting faculty for the Poynter Institute for Media Studies and was the founding editor of PBS MediaShift’s education section.

The Center for Journalism Ethics has been an important vehicle for her work, engaging hundreds of people through annual conferences, public panels, training sessions and other appearances, and has recently focused on topics including ethics and immigration reporting, the impact of #MeToo on media, and how journalism can address partisanship and other social divisions.

Culver is widely recognized for her curricular innovations, including the School of Journalism and Mass Communication’s gateway course, Mass Media Practices. This bootcamp course trains over 100 students each semester in the concepts and skills necessary to approach disrupted media industries with adaptability, critical thinking and integrity. She regularly trains other communications educators through her work with Poynter and the Center for Journalism Ethics.

Sam Scinta is President and Founder of IM Education, a non-profit, and Lecturer in Political Science at University of Wisconsin-La Crosse and Viterbo University.

Rick Kyte is Endowed Professor and Director of the DB Reinhart Institute for Ethics in Leadership at Viterbo University. 

Music compliments of Bobby Bridger- “Rendezvous” from A Ballad of the West.