Mission and History

IM Education, Inc. was created in 2015 by Sam Scinta. Its mission is to provide education programs designed to foster and enhance critical-thinking skills, lifelong education, and commitment to civic responsibility and communities, working with educators, conservation leaders, government officials, non-profits and citizens across the globe. Through development of curriculum and school programs, printed and online educational content, videos, courses, and forums serving K-12 schools, universities and the general public, IM Education enhances our understanding of civic engagement and responsibilities, the importance of critical thinking, the writing process, conservation, and cultural heritage. IM Education, Inc. is designated a 501(c)(3) organization by the Internal Revenue Service.

IM Education’s REACCT Writing Coach Program utilizes a multi-dimensional approach to meet the needs of all learners. The REACCT Writing Coach Program has provided individualized and small group educational supports, along with teacher support, for over 2,000 high school and middle school students in partnership with four school districts in the Western region of Wisconsin.

Recently, IM Education launched the Servant Leadership Today podcast and Rebuilding American Civics, a community class. Both the podcast and community class seek to engage citizens and build stronger communities, through nonpartisan conversations about American government and political perspectives.